Water - It's There When You Need It!

Water - It's There When You Need It!

There When You Need It : What Water Does For You! 

Cheers and Raise Your Water Glass! Yes, it is time to turn on that tap and fill up that water jug as we celebrate Drinking Water Week 2021

Every year, during the first week of May, Water professionals across North America celebrate Water and all it provides to our communities and lives. This year’s theme is There When You Need It.

Water is an amazing resource.

From lakes, rivers, aquifers, streams, and reservoirs to turning on the tap, access to water makes daily life easy and enjoyable. While most know the standard rule of thumb, drinking 6 cups a day keeps the doctors at bay, below are some fun and funky facts about water that will make you head to the kitchen for another cup! 

Water Facts

  • Advancements in Safe and Clean Water are considered one of the greatest accomplishments of the 20th Century. 

    • The EPA regulates drinking water quality.

      • Safe Drinking Water Act 

    • The EPA does not regulate Private Wells (but some states do!). 

    • There are over 150,000 Public Water Systems in the USA, alone. 

  • Drinking a glass of water as you start your day can jump start your energy and metabolism for the first 2 to 3 hours of your day. 

  • While the human body may be over 70% water, the human brain is approximately 80%, and a tomato is about 95% water! 

Hydration has been linked to better joint health, weight loss, body temperature consistency, better dental health, and better dreams. 

Drinking Water Week 2021

  • Water covers about 70% of the Earth, and approximately 96% of that is Salt Water.

    • Less than 2% of the Earth’s water supply is fresh water.

    • Less than 1% of the Earth’s water is available for human consumption. 

  • Canada has more water per capita than any other nation on Earth (that is 10x as much as the USA). 

  • 85% of the water on the International Space Station is Recycled.

  • On average, it takes between 30 – 45 minutes for water suppliers to produce 1 gallon of drinking water.

It’s true! Water is There When You Need It! Helping us each day in health and community! So go ahead, have another glass!

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Read your Water Quality Report. Local utilities provide Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) to their customers annually. Learn more about Consumer Confidence Reports here.

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